Threading Beads With 'Crochet' Thread.

Q: I've been making 'Crochet' beaded purses, using #30 'Crochet Thread', and #20 thread. I've just bought several colors in #10 thread but am having a hard time threading it. The only reason I bought them is I couldn't find the colors I wanted in the smaller sizes. Has anyone had as much trouble threading the beads as me? Any tips as to how I can prevent hurting my hands even more? I have arthritis and carpal tunnel. Doing needlework is good theapy, but this threading is killing my hands.

A: I found that some of the Czech beads have irregular sized holes, and many of the beads won't go on size 20 thread, so 10 must be even worse (it's also why I don't use #8 pearl for Czech beads). Japanese beads sometimes have bigger (and more uniform) holes in them. If that is not the issue, how are you threading? I use the method of using a beading needle with a nymo or silamide loop, tied with a very tight, small knot. Then, keeping the knot on the side of the loop (not at the bottom opposite the needle), I thread the end of the crochet cotton through the thread loop. This does two things - the bead only had to contend with the eye of the needle, the thread knot, or the doubled crochet cotton, never two of them at once, and if a bead is too small to go on the crochet cotton, it is easier to take the crochet cotton from the loop, remove the bead, and replace the crochet cotton in the loop than to re-thread a needle. Another thing I have done, is to make a glue tip on the end of the thread so I can thread directly. I started doing this with yarn for kid projects and I have done it when nothing else works. I really want that thread and bead together. The problem with it is that if you break down the glue tip while you are threading, you have to clip, re-glue, and wait overnight for it to dry. Also, don't get a glob of glue, just wet the thread to stiffen it a couple of inches. If none of these works, maybe you need to find a different supplier of size 20 cotton, sometimes you can mail order more colors than a local store carries - like from 'Herrschner's', or someplace like that. I thought I had made it clear in my first post - I'd love to keep using #30 'Cebelia' thread, but they don't make it in bright colors anymore, I wish they did as I am rapidly depleting my stash!! That's why I am looking for other brands. I am very comfortable with the #30 thread, and have used the #20 thread with good results. The #10 thread is a last resort due to the colors available in its size. I haven't tried the larger beads yet, thanks for the suggestion. I have been threading my crochet thread through the eye of the needle then sliding the beads on the needle onto the thread. I never had any problems with this method until I encountered the #10 thread. I am looking at different ways to thread the beads, as most of my projects involve 'Crochet', and I need to be able to move 3-4 beads per stitch on a purse I'm making.