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Types Of Beading.

Q: I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction of what the different stitching methods are. I don't know what the "peyote stitch" is, compared to a "Brick stitch" or any of those.

A: The new book from 'Interweave Press': "BeadWork Companion", $19.95 is an excellent resource for both the beginning and experienced beader. Most of my friends have been quite pleased with it, and because of its compact size and spriral binding, it is easy to take anywear. As more and more pattern books are coming out without stitch instructions, this book will become an even more valuable reference as a guide to the new beader, and as a refresher for those who may not have used a particular stitch in some time. Me either. Any kind of simplistic help would be appreciated. I can make earrings and that's about it. I am very new to beading, but enjoy it very much. I can follow most needlework patterns with little help, so I can wing it well. I have a limited supply of beads, but have access to a lot I haven't explored yet. I am not interested in selling, unless I find a market, of course. I don't think anyone would sneeze at a few bucks extra now and then.