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Types Of Beads.

Q: I have a question that is driving me nuts!!! I apologize if the group has discussed the answer in the last week. I accidently erased the messages before I could read them. Is there any websites dedicated to new beaders? In particular, is there anyplace that actually explains what the different kinds of beads are and what they look like? I keep seeing referrals to different kinds of beads, and would like to know what they look like.

A: That's ok, if we beaders can't help someone just starting in the hobby, then we would be a very sorry bunch of dips... as it stands, you are probably getting advice from any truly ardent beader, and my reply is just another bit of icing on the cake... There is a page devoted to glass beads on my website that has been of help to some. Please check out: 'Developing Your Bead Eye', or 'About Glass Beads'. There is also a list of bead books - some of which are for sale. There are all sorts of books showing beads. One is 'Beautiful Beads', and one is 'Gemstones of the World' by Walter Schumann. Also, have you looked at the site and the e-zine page and catalog showing finished jewelry with brief descriptions of the pieces. This will give you an idea of what the various beads look like - although these are mostly semi-precious stones.