Q: Can someone tell me about Ultrasuede? Is it synthetic? Does it come in pieces large enough for cabochon backing, etc.? Most importantly, can anyone give me a source for it?

A: Ultrasuede is a synthetic fabric. You can buy it in fabric stores by the yard. It comes in many colors, and sometimes with an embossed pattern on it to make it look more like tooled leather. If you buy a yard, you'll have plenty enough for your next 10 or 20 projects. ;} Since you're just using it as a backing, buy the cheapest type. This isn't going to be washed a zillion times like a garment is. Since it's Fall, now is a good time to look at the fabric shops. $30 a yard???! Where'd you pay that? Suede cloth or ultrasuede is usually more like $7-$10/yd for the fancy types. I just bought some on sale for $3 a yard. I have to wonder what you were looking at. I do know that ultrasuede fringe is expensive because of the cutting time. But even at craft shop prices, that's way too high. Ultrasuede is available in most fabric stores I (Kim) purchase it in 9"x12" sheets that I use for bead embroidery. It is synthetic, does not fray, and it makes a great backing. I have not used it with cabochons and I am not sure which glues would work best.