what thread should I use to make bracelets?

Q: I recently used a dental floss type thread for a bead bracelet and it stretched when it got wet and eventually broke! Now, to put my bracelet back together again, what thread should I use to insure that it will be sturdy and not fall apart again?

A: That kind of depends on how you made the bracelet in the first place. Is it woven seed beads? I usually use doubled nymo, but I have heard good things about both Silamide and Synbond. If you made the bracelet of a strung strand of larger beads, I recommend one of the beading wires like SoftFlex--it is much stronger than thread. A good accessable thread can be found at walmart, or any fabric store. It's "Coats and Clark" brand button and carpet thread. It comes in many colors and is incredibly strong. I heartily endorse this product, I mean, posting. It took me a while to be sold on the benefits of SoftFlex (over regular tigertail)and I've never had anything woven with Silamide break. To the original poster: your friendly local bead store should carry both. I have found myself using Accu-Flex more and more. I've used various types of beading threads, but have found the Accu-Flex better in the long run. I get mine from Fire Mountain Gems in Oregon. It comes in three sizes: .014(14 pound test wgt) .019(19 26 pound test weight), .024(40 pound test wgt.) and it comes in 8 different colors.