Working With Leather Cord.

Q: I'm trying to re-work a necklace for someone - wooden beads (including these HUGE carved elephants!) strung on a leather cord. I can't figure out how to attach a clasp. Originally, it had these two wrap-around kind of crimps covering the knots in the cord. I haven't been able to find anything like them, though. I've seen coils on the ends of leather pieces, but what keeps the leather from slipping out? I can't seem to make a knot tight enough to hold on its own, and I keep ending up with a gap in the cord once I manage to get something attached.

A: I use a little dab of glue (something strong) and then push the leather up into the coil. I also use the wrap-around crimps, you should be able to find them at any craft store that has a good selection of findings. To answer your question, I use leather cording all the time. I use the coil ends. The trick is to fold the end of the cord over, add a drop of Crazy Glue, then tighten the last wrap end of the coil around the cord, as you would a crimp. Don't go too far, or you will cut the cord in half. I've never had anyone tell me the coil came off. If nothing else, use some thin artificial sinew the same color as the cord, fold the cord over at the end, and wrap the sinew around it several times tightly, and add a touch of Crazy Glue, then weave the sinew end back through. It gives you a loop at the end for jump/split rings and lobster clasps.