Would Like Opinions On Pearls.

Q: I am planning a necklace that will require a lot of pearls. I'd like them to be about 7-8mm. Not being rich, I'll have to go with fresh-water or czech glass. Have any or you ever seen czech glass pearls? The ads say that they look great, but I've never seen one for real. If you can help me, I sure would appreciate it. Also, I'd like to know where to get the little tiny cubes wholesale if anyone knows.

A: I can't help you with your search for these beads, but I am very interested in hearing more about them. Please share what ads you saw them in. I have some rather lovely Czech glass pearls in varying sizes and shapes, including some "teardrops". I have found mine in finished jewelry clearanced at a store called "Ross" here in California. I look for the tags saying "Made in Czechoslovakia". They have a rather nice luster to them. So far, the only source I know of is 'A to Z Bohemian Glass' 303 Fifth Avenue, 16th floor, New York, NY 10016. 1-800-JEWEL. PH:1-212-725-2033 I have ordered from them 3 times. They seem to be a little disorganized, but the quality is there. They have every size, shape, and color of pearls.