3-Hole Beads?

Q: Does anyone know of a source (online) for the 3-hole beads used in making the popular "power bracelets." My daughter wants some for her friends...and of course, I'd like to do it myself!

A: They were in 'Fire Mountain's' recent smaller sale catalog. They only had gemstone ones I think. I was pretty mad because I wish they had had them when power bracelets were really popular! It may take a while for it to load since I tried to leave it big enough so you could read the numbers and prices. The phone number to order is in the top right-hand corner. I'm wondering now if I even have the lastest 'Rio Grande' catalog since I can't spot them in there. Mine says "Gems & Findings 2000," is there a newer one? If someone will tell me a page number, I'll scan that page for SEC, too. The new one has BEADS on the front cover and says "August". Call them for a new catalog.