About Auctions.

Q: I've noticed several vendors stating that this week would be their last auctions for the year, I am presuming that they were quitting for a vacation. Is it your opinion that there simply aren't enough sales during this time of year to merit continuing auctions?

A: I can only speak for myself, but for me, the fact that these are my last auctions of the year had more to do with timing than anything else. I'll be out of town for the last two weeks of December and wanted to make sure I had all auction-related business and shipping taken care of before I left town. When you consider that most people are gift shopping at this time of year, and how long it takes for the typical auction cycle - the auction has to run its course for 5-7 days, then another week to ten days to allow for payment, and then shipping time in transit - items that are auctioned this week will have just enough time to get to the winners before Christmas. I know some 'eBay' sellers are calling it quits early this year because sales have been slow, but I wasn't one of them...although sales *are* dreadfully slow everywhere, not just on 'eBay'. My auctions have been doing well for most of the year, but I've seen WONDERFUL work by very talented artists sitting on 'eBay' without bids for a few weeks now, and I was so worried about my end of the year auctions getting hit by this slump that when I listed them, I sent an E-mail to my mailing list practically begging my "regulars" to check stuff out and bid. VERY undignified, and way more heavy-handed than I normally am in my newsletters, but I figured I might as well just be honest about being worried. I asked people to come out and bid, and you know what? My lovely customers turned out in full force - these auctions are doing just about as well for me as my previous outings. Beaders are just the best people - I was telling a fellow lampworker last night that I feel I need to have a "thanks for saving my a$$" discount sale sometime in the new year. Last year, I ran them steady and did great all the way through. I, however, am leaving for Utah and don't want to lug all that stuff with me, so I probably won't do any for the rest of the year either. It does slow down, but my experience is that it doesn't stop. Lots of people are home and on the internet over the holidays. This makes me think, I might take that stuff to Utah after all!!!