Advice Re: Servers For Webpages.

Q: I have registered a domain name so that I could use it as a trademark, and will be constructing a webpage over the next month. What I'm uncertain about, is how you locate a server to host the webpage once you have constructed it. Could you let me know about your positive experiences in this regard with various servers, and how much space they give you for your page, and at what price?

A: I'm not sure if I understand you. If you've registered a domain name, then the assumption is that you should be setting up your own server to host your webpage, and not looking for one. If you've paid for one to use as a trademark, then you are going to have trouble with people who remember the trademark and go looking for it online, and can't find it. If you just want a website, it wouldn't have cost you anything. You could have used 'AOL', 'Geocities', 'Fortunecity', or 'Angelfire' for starters. Actually, registering a domain name gives you the right to use that name and nothing else. Yes, you have to locate a server to host it on, and no, it does not have to be your own server. There are many, many sites that will host your website with your own domain name, for a fee. It's a service, just like anything else. If everyone who registered a domain name tried to set up their own server for it, I think the system might explode! There are VERY few free hosting sites that allow you to operate a business on your free website - the ones that do exist sharply limit how much space, or how many pages you can have for free. Anything above that minimum costs money. For the original requester, I can't give you any advice. I'm still in the research process myself, and haven't found any sites that will do everything I want to, that I can afford. My husband is even bigger into computers than I am, and is actually thinking about setting up a server, but at the moment, we can't afford that either. In the meantime, I'm using one of the few free business websites (, but they are getting so big that I'm concerned that their speed and # of lines will get bogged down, plus they limit you to 5 pages.