Bead-Related Stock Photos, Gift Wrap.

Q: Does anyone know where I might find bead-related stock photos (for example, something similar to some of the online postcards on the 'Land of Odds' site)? I'm looking for something I might be able to incorporate legitimately into a logo or business card design. Also, any idea where I can buy wrapping paper with bead/beading-related designs?

A: I saw some gift wrap recently (at "The Place to Bead" in San Ramon, CA) that sounds like what you're looking for. It looked like a huge jumble of beads that someone either scanned or photographed. If you have access to a scanner, you could probably scan your own, then incorporate the image into your business card design. I've seen the wrapping paper for sale on eBay and saw it lately at my local bead store. The 'Land of Odds' site is currently undergoing a major overhaul, so their online shopping is unavailable for the next month or two, but the URL below will take you directly to their digital postcard page, which is still functioning during the transition (you'll see that photos #1 and #6 are of beads). It's nice to be able to send a free "beady" e-card to fellow beading enthusiasts, or to friends who know about one's fondness for beading. That is, in fact, my ultimate intention just as soon as I buy a scanner (in the interim, I may need to photograph them and digitize the photos, but without professional lighting and arranging, I'm concerned my picture may end up looking amateurish). Meanwhile, thanks for the suggestion about 'The Place to Bead' - I'll definitely get in touch with them!