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Bead-Stringing Machine.

Q: I am looking for a machine that I saw advertised on a webpage (and now I cannot find the webpage) that strings beads. It was about $40 and came with two sizes of hooks so that you could string a variety of sizes of beads. Does anyone know what I mean, and where it can be purchased?

A: I bought my Bead Spinner from Julie at 'Blessed Beads'. She also carries the replacement curved needles, etc. I've seen those advertised also (The bead spinners) and always wondered how they work, and if they really save time. Would any of you that use it care to give a brief review? Most people who use them find they do save time, but of course you can't pick what bead goes next in the string, so the gizmo is only good for stringing solid colors or random mixes, and only where you don't need to cull out any beads (or already have!). For things like the beaded knitting where the beads go between stitches which are usually all the same color of beads, they are useful. This sums it up pretty good, except I'd disagree about the culling. Look at what's been strung, see a seed you don't like, take a pair of plyers and smash the bead. Very simple, just work over/in an area where it's easy to clean up the glass fragments, like a large plastic bowl. With a bead spinner you cull after stringing.