Bead Books.

Q: First, let me say I consider myself a pre-newbie to beading. I'm thinking about it, and have been lurking, reading, and not knowing most of what you all have been talking about. Does anyone know anything favorable or unfavorable about these books (The Book of Beads/J. Coles & R. Budwig)?

A: If you're planning to do beadweaving (peyote, loom, spirals, etc.), none of those will be of use to you. I recommend "Creative Bead Weaving" by 'Carol Wilcox Wells' for off-loom weaving. I'm not sure about a loom book, but I'm sure someone else will post with one. :) I agree with 'Marilee's' assessment of this book. As to loom weaving, 'Delinda Amura' has a beautiful, wirebound book with great instructions: "The Illuminated Beading Manuscripts" - Book 2: "The Loom". Basic bead stringing books are kind of like choosing your favorite ice cream to take home for dessert. Go to a good book store, or bead shop, and take time looking over the books yourself. Then, you can make a better decision. There are a number of wonderful books on the market, and you simply cant have too many beading books. I have been doing bead work for over 20 years, and back when I started there were hardly any book sources to look at. I had to study pieces as I came across them, via a museum, or photo from a book. I also teach bead work as well. As a result, I have created a product that works well with any bead artist. It's a poster that has vital information available at a glance. Timeless and re-usable information for any skill level. A booklet for tips is included. Come by and visit my website, and see my gallery too.