Beaded Flowers.

Q: I am looking for books or instructions for making beaded flowers. So far, the only one I've found is 'French Beaded Flowers 1, a Guide for Beginners' by "Helen McCall". Can anyone tell me where to find books on larger, more advanced flowers?

A: If you have a large library in your town, you can find books on beaded flowers there. Also, some libraries will "borrow" from other libraries from time to time. I have never asked for them to get me a bead book, but when my oldest daughter was in high school, the local library borrowed a book from a neighboring city for her to check out. I bought a used copy of 'The Art Of Making Bead Flowers and Bouquets' by "Virginia Nathanson", (1967) for $7.50. I found it at 'McIntyre and Moore' in Cambridge, MA. The book you have by "McCall" is the only beaded flower book in print. There are a few used books on the subject that you might find at the library or used book stores. A good one is 'The Art Of Making Bead Flowers And Bouquets" by 'Nathanson'. There are a few other good ones to be found on the net book stores. I immediately rushed out for 'The Bead And Button Issue', and am contacting them. Guess I have to head to the library next.