Beaded Ornaments - NOT Glass Ball Beading.

Q: Does anyone have a source she could look at (I've already checked out for 2 hours)? Maybe, let me know how an earring pattern could be enlarged (besides using larger beads) to make a hanging ornament for her tree and presents. Should she just take any old pattern and make it? Would it be stable enough, or would the finished product bend?

A: We saw that site already and were thinking more along the lines of a Santa, Snowman, Nutcracker, candy canes, a present box, etc. The TapDancingLizard patterns are nice, but too formal for what we wanted. I have made Christmas Ornaments using some of 'Sig Wynne-Evans' earring designs. She has some great holiday designs in "Earring Designs", by 'Sig Book III'. I brick stitched them with the 4mm square 'Myuiki' beads. They go together quickly, and look great!!!!!! I assume you could bead them up in any larger size bead, like 'E beads' or 'Crows'. If she's looming, there are tons of patterns in 'X-Stitch' that could be made with the loom. If you're worried about the piece bending from the weight of the beads, or the size, how about "framing" it? You could use a brass hoop, looping around the hoop where the piece hits the edge. You'd probably want to try and make the edges of the piece more "circular" if you did this. Another option would be to find some brass frames that don't need glass or a backing to look nice. You could then do the same thing as above, but wouldn't have to worry about the piece being circular. I think either way, it would look pretty if you "tied" the piece to the frame with a loop of beads around the frame in a complementary color. Perhaps, even using two "threads" of beads, and tying them to look like bows? Patterns for cross-stitch embroidery can be easily adapted to most beading techniques, especially loom-work or brick stitch. Most magazines have a wide variety of Christmas designs this time of year. Another source is the 'Beads to Buckskins' series of books on beading. Almost any type imaginable is taught in that series.