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Bead Loom.

Q: This morning, with an excess of optimism perhaps, I finally figured out how I could construct a simple bead loom so as to get the feel of things before going entirely off the deep end (my roommate would tell you it's FAR too late for that....).

A: I'm glad you got the loom. I have several. It does not come quickly, but the results are well worth it. Do you crochet? I have a pattern for a crocheted bead bracelet that I love. It is just the beginning. I have several looms, 2 I made myself, and my favorite is a 'Tandy' loom. It warps out about 50 beads wide, but the dowels are the cool part. It came with 2 foot dowels that control the length, but a trip to the hardware store gave me dowels of any length. The longest ones I have are 4 feet, but they work well for split loom necklace projects.