Bead Show List?

Q: I just found out that the "Intergalactic" bead show scheduled for New Orleans this month has been cancelled. I've not been to a show yet, so I'm very disappointed. :( Anyway... I was wondering if y'all knew of any place that maintains a comprehensive list of shows?

A: I prefer 'BeadPlan' - I've been testing version 3.0, and it's very nice. You can read about it at: If you have a 'Mac', 'Beadscape' ( is the best. We've been through this fairly recently, using 'DejaNews' for more discussion. I agree with Marilee about Michelle's program for 'Macs' being the best out there. I have a PC, and use 'Beadplan'. I have been very pleased with it, there are some out there with more bells and whistles, but for the money, I will stick with what I have.