Bead Shows

Q: My Mom and I sell new and vintage glass beads at all the Midwest bead shows ­ Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee. We're interested in doing shows around the country and would like to hear anyone with recommendations on which shows have good vendors and good attendance. Quality is our prime criterion.

A: If you folks haven't done the Bead Society of Central Ohio's Bead Show it should be a real experience. They moved to Vets Memorial downtown and out of the YWCA which was a pain for everyone. Last year the number of vendors about the same and the number of buyers doubled. I did better than I ever have and the response to my scented beads is one reason my husband and I have continued, modified and expanded them into a perfume/aromatherapy range. The BSCO has worked diligently on improving the show. With the growth it has had, and the improvements it has made, it will become even better. One thing that will help make it better is to get a larger number of vendors--its hard to compete with the gem and jewelry show. The BSCO prides itself on not getting corporation backing for anything and does it all on its own. Again I don't think they have done so bad. Do you all belong to the BSCO? I know there are other beads shows out there and if you find them could you send them my way as well. This years Bead Society of Central Ohio's Bead and Jewelry Jamboree is October 7 at Vets memorial in Columbus Ohio. If anyone wants info-either for buyers or vendors you can email me and I'll see that the info gets on the mailing list.