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Beads Losing Color.

Q: I'm very new to beading. I recently started a project, and have noticed the colors on my beads are rubbing off. I read about this somewhere and read about something you can do to stop this from happening. Something about a mix of vinegar and water. If someone knows what I'm talking about (good luck I don't even know most of the time *giggle*), and could help me with this problem I'd really really appreciate it. :)

A: Many purple and pink beads will fade because they are dyed. Buy quality beads and if you love purples and pinks, stay with the colors that stay put. These are transparent beads where the dye is in the glass and is not going to fade. Also, avoid all galvanized beads as this type of metallic coating looks great for a few days, then turns gray and goes away. Check out Charlene's beads. She sells good quality at a low price and she has identified dyed beads as such so you know what you might encounter. I am just a satisfied customer and do not benefit financially from this referral: As for covering it with acrylic glue, your beads should be worth the value of your labor. I am going to try the krylon trick. I do wonder if the holes in the beads will become sealed over after spraying them. I guess I'll try only a few beads and see. Thanks for the tips about the galvanized beads. I'm still really new at this, and was about to spend some money on them. I'll spend that somewhere else and maybe try them at a later date. Why is it that the color we love is one of the dyed ones? I have a rule that I am not allowed to use, or even store my beads, until they have been sprayed if the finish will rub off. I've had really good luck by spraying them and I hope this works well for you too. I put the beads in a big 'Ziploc' baggie and close it almost all the way. Fill with air and spray inside with a couple of VERY SHORT whooshes of 'Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray'. Quickly close the baggie and squish the beads around until they are all coated. Let them dry for about 30 minutes and squish them again just in case some may be stuck together."