Bead Vial Stoppers.

Q: I have a strange problem with my bead vials, and after checking with some beader-friends, we decided to throw it open to the group to see if anyone else has this problem. Over the past 5 years, I have purchased most of my seed beads packaged in plastic tubes/vials, usually about 4 inches long and with a plastic stopper. Of late I have noticed that in many of my vials, the stoppers are no longer snug, if you turn the vial over, the stopper just drops out!! My bead room is warm in the summer, so maybe heat is having an effect over time. Anyone else having these problems (and what are you doing about them?).

A: I have a bit of a problem with this too. I had thought it was due to the top of the vials expanding as you open and close the vial. Perhaps it is in part due to warmth although my vials are all in large containers and probably don't get too hot. My stoppers stay the same size, but the edges of the opening crack and tear so the stopper is too big for the damaged opening. This happens with my favorite colors that I open and close a lot only. Never just sitting on the shelf. My solution: move them to a new vial and throw the old one out. I buy a stack of 100 empties once in a while and use them to store beads that come on a hank as well.