Best Place For Sterling Findings?

Q: Does anyone have a suggestion for a supplier for a wide selection of sterling silver findings (everything from crimp beads to separators to chain)? Right now, I'm buying small numbers at retail prices, but it would be nice to find a place that would sell small bills at wholesale prices (instead of a minimum order or $100 or something).

A: I hate to break the bad news to you, Amy, but wholesale generally means buying in qty. Companies can only keep their prices low by cutting paperwork and labor - and it takes almost as much time to package a $25 order as a $250 order (as I'm sure any of our online sellers will verify!) especially if the items are pre-packaged in 10's or 100's. On the bright side, 'Rio Grande' has no minimum, and their prices are good. Their shipping is pricey, though, so it makes sense to limit your # of orders. They do stock all the things you mention in your post. If you find a company that has all or almost all of the stuff that you want, you won't find minimums a problem! Of course; but various companies have a wide range in the definition of "quantity." Some companies wholesale at prices below retail for one offs; some at reasonable, but still small quantities, and others at very large quantities. I'm hoping for good selection at the first or second option. I hadn't stumbled across that latter one, and in a few clicks I found things I needed. Thanks a lot!