Bugles and Delicas

Q: I've been having trouble using delicas and bugle beads together in commanche stitch earrings. All the bugles I have, have a bigger diameter than delicas (they work fine with regular 11/0 seed beads though).

A: Even the bugles made in Japan are larger than the Delica beads. I get around this by using some seeds in the top part of my Commanche weaves, or by adding a bead or two to the first row after the base. For example, if my base row of bugles is 9 across, I'll put 2 Delicas in the first stitch, and, if it looks like I have the room, 2 in the last stitch. I do the subsequent rows as usual, and the effect is quite nice. I just got a catalog from Optional Extras in Vermont (I think it is) They're offering size #2 bugles in quite a selection of colors, but I honestly think these are going to be about the same diameter as the larger #3's. Wait, Wheat...14/o and 15/o are significantly smaller than the 11/o. Certainly much smaller than the bugles. I'm under the impression that she needs something bigger, not smaller. Or did I misread her quote? I'd suggest using a combination of 11/o seeds and Delicas in the earrings. Works pretty well for me. Actually, the problem is that I want to use my delicas in these earrings but all of my bugles are too big. I usually just use regualr seed beads, so it's not a problem, but I tried to make those "Lantern" earrings in Bead & Button, using delicas and bugles like she did, and it was hard to compensate for the difference in diameter.