'Caravan Beads'.

Q: Has anyone read the "sad story" posted on the 'Caravan Beads' website? It's at http://www.caravanbeads.com/Pages/sally_t.html

A: I read this on many of the bead discussion lists that I am on. There was also a post on one of those lists that said this woman had an ad for her business in the latest issue of 'BeadWork'. What nerve!!! I've personally had a bad experience with this particular bead shop too and yes, I did see the ad in 'Beadwork'. I've been keeping quiet about it - I'm sure things will pan out the way they're meant to, I'm a great believer in "what goes around, comes around"... I have about half a dozen customers that I could post similar letters about. They are the ones that make money order/cash only a requirement.