Crimp Pliers.

Q: The web addy doesn't come through in your post... could you please post it again, so that I can find it? You definitely have me interested!

A: I love them too, but I've been trying to figure out how to cover the crimp with a bead. I know the bead (obviously) has to have a large enough hole to fit, but I'm usure of a technique for finishing off a piece like this. After a necklace has been strung, what is the best way for getting the bead over the crimp and attaching the clasp? Sorry if this question seems dumb, but I've tried doing this and I seem to be "all thumbs" as I'm finishing off the piece! I use beaded beads over it. I just bead the bead right on the piece for myself, and I make slightly squashy beaded beads when I send them to other people to use that way. Ok, I do this one a LOT. First of all, my favorite bead for covering crimps is a 'Marilee Layman' handmade beaded bead. I can smoosh it down, crimp the finishing end, and smooth it back over the crimp, giving a nice look. If using (regular) hard beads, then here is the problem. It is easy on the first end (the one at the beginning of the necklace), but darned near impossible to finish off. It requires tension, pulling, and praying (at least in Ohio). I have been using crimp beads from Fire Mountain, the base metal ones. I first crimp with the double spot on the pliers, and then go to the rounder part. I am not getting smooth crimps, they are squishy and ragged. Is it me or the crimps? I tried to use the new fancy 'SS' from Rio, but the beadalon was too heavy for those. I was using the heavier beadalon since the focus bead was big.