'DMC' = Seed Bead Exchange...?

Q: Is there a chart that changes 'DMC' floss colors for colors of "seed beads" such as 'Delicas' or 'Mill Hill'? I want to do a project, and would like to use beads instead of floss... Any suggestions?

A: Yes Meg, there is. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly where it is, sorry. Try either the 'DMC' site, or the 'Mill Hill' site. I almost want to say 'C.B. Beads', but I'm not sure. It is out there, I have seen it. It says there are some inaccuracies on this chart so I don't take it as gospel, but it is better than nothing, and there is someone who is trying to figure it all out, and make the neccesary changes. 'Caravan Beads' has such a chart. I don't have their website info right in front of me, but it is on 'Beadnet', or you could just do a search.