Does Anyone Know What Happened To SHIPWRECK.COM?

Q: My attemps to find out have been futile. Have they gone out of business, or are they having technical difficulties, or is my computer on the blink again? Could someone please try and visit... and give me some feedback.

A: I did like you suggested, and I'm thinking to myself, "Yeah, that's the ticket," but I was stopped dead in my tracks again. If this helps, I am with 'AOL', and my browser is stating that there is no such address. Does the top line of this message show up as a clickable link in 'AOL'? If it does, then click on it. If it does not, then copy and paste it into your browser window. They ARE there. The splash page says "News Flash! Shipwreck Beads is now the exclusive distributor for" My new 'Shipwreck Beads' catalog came in the mail. It's a beauty! We are there, but our webmaster is uploading a whole new website, so there may be times that it'll be difficult to get to the site. It should all be completed by the end of today. I haven't seen the new catalog yet, but in yesterday's mail was the new issues of 'Lapidary Journal' and 'Ornament' - both of which contained ads for the new catalog - featuring a "teaser" of the new cover. Unless your lucky and live close enough to go there in person, I'm expecting a gift certificate under the tree tomorrow!