Q: I was wondering if I am the only one who gets eye strain from beading, and if not, what people do to make it easier on their eyes?

A: I don't get strain as I am short sighted (so tiny things can come real close and still be in focus) but my Dad gets it when doing crafts as he is far sighted. Try one of those magnifiers that hangs around your neck and rests against your chest so you are looking down through it. Most US needlework catalogs seem to have them. I have a lighted magnifying lamp with a swing arm that is attached to my desk. It makes it a lot easier on the eyes. I also have a magnifier attached to a headband that I use when I'm doing crewelwork and don't feel like sitting at the desk. My eyesight (nearsighted) has gotten worse since I started beading. I talked to my eye doctor and she said to take off my glasses when I am working with small beads. And be sure to take a break and look away at something green and far away to help relax the eye and exercise the focus. There is a product that I love!!! It is called MagEyes. It is like a sun visor with an attachment that holds a lens magnifer. Either 2.5 or 4 x magnification. It is light and doesn't cover you whole line of vision. When I have it locked in place I can look up and see the rest of the world normally. When I look down the beads are bigger. Nice to use when I'm tired or using those teeny tiny beads.