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Faceted Bead Ornaments.

Q: I'm looking for kits/instructions to make 5-pointed star and bell-shaped Xmas ornaments from 5 to 8-mm faceted beads. I have some 50-year-old ones that my in-laws gave to me. I don't dare take them apart. I can't decipher how they were put together. Can anyone help?

A: Several years ago, 'The Beadery' was selling kits for making stars and bells with faceted acrylic beads and 24 ga. craft wire. It's possible that someone might still have those instruction there. Also, if you have a photo that you can post, we might be able to figure it out. I found a 3-D five-pointed star pattern at That has instructions (alas, no color picture of the finished project) using faceted beads.