Faith's Lampwork.

Q: I wanted to share what I made today with one of Faith's lampworked beads. The bead is really awesome, and I hope that you're able to see the detail of the crashing wave - it is INCREDIBLE. This was definitely a bead that spoke to me - it makes me feel like I'm back home in California!!! This is a real change from Faith's usual figural beads (which are WONDERFUL!!), and I am surely glad that she made it, and that I was lucky enough to have someone buy it for me!!!

A: Ain't that the truth!!! It is the pieces that are the result of so many different factors working together that are really special. I should mention that the "mini-ruffle" bead opposite the star was made by 'Joan Eckard' (the queen of tiny lampwork!!) - and the colors perfectly match Faith's bead. The match in your chosen bead colors/styles is perfect! I especially like your design detail near the clasp ~ the star reminds me of those breathtaking ocean nite skies or a starfish and the ruffle reminds me of a jelly fish (Joan makes the greatest ruffles)! When I look at this piece of yours, I can almost HEAR the sea..... :-) Thanks for creating such a beautiful home for my bead, and for sharing it! It's such a treat to see the merging of our two concepts! Every time I look at this particular lampworked bead of yours, I can hear the crashing surf - it totally transports me home without my leaving the desert!! It gives me the "warm fuzzies" wearing it. I am SOOOO glad you made it, and SOOO glad that it made its way to me!! It's so amazing when you find a bead that feels as though it was made just for you. I fell in love with the "Magic Wishing Bead" by 'Ann Scherm Baldwin' and just had to have it. It took me quite a while of looking at it and holding it before I could figure out what to do with it. It really inspired me to try techniques I hadn't used before, and to reach as far as I could to try to do justice to its beauty. Here's my attempt to create a necklace that would show off this incredible bead: Even though I have a very small, new "start-up" bead business, I've decided to keep this bead as my good luck charm. I wonder, does everyone have a particular bead or creation that they just can't part with? Do particular beads inspire you to try new techniques? Such a lovely necklace (adore the lampwork, Faith!) and soothing colors. It's been quite, quite warm (did I mention warm?) here lately, and your piece puts in mind of a cool (er) beach afternoon....ahhhh. I always enjoy seeing your creations. For awhile, you were including links to your various lovelies after your sig. May the trend continue!