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Full Cat Beads.

Q: I read a message the other night about a person looking for cat beads. While at a show this weekend, I spotted some fiber-optic full cat beads sold in quantity of 12 for $18.00..regularly $2.00 each. Vendor..wholesale JEMAN. They were in the usual optic colors... a different cat bead look.

A: you were at the show in Columbus then, were you not? Do you live in Ohio? I was in Marlboro, MA. I didn't know there was a Marlboro Ohio, though. I'm sure, it is a common town name. I live in Attleboro, MA., just north of Providence RI. It occured to me after I posted that, and signed off, that Jeman probably had reps at all 'The Gem and Jewelry Show', as do most big dealers. We had a show here the same weekend.