Gluing Beads.

Q: For a multi-strand, lay one strand in each channel of your bead board. Then, space the beads out so they lay just outside the area to be glued. Now comes the tricky part. Apply glue to the stringing material, then gently ease each bead over into place. It will pull the glue down inside the bead.

A: Material would depend on the beads. I've seen these necklaces on everything from silk to stainless steel cable. I saw a great one where the beads were strung on fairly thin silver wire, that was just loosely knotted between the beads. It was about 10 strands, each one kinked and knotted and curled, with just a few judiciously placed great looking beads. Keep that idea in my happy idea file for a rainy day of beadmaking. It's even near the top ( I keep them filed in order of how badly I want to try them). :-))))) To make a floating necklace, I start from the center bead out. Knot (I just use the basic overhand knot) in the center, bend the thread or nylon-line so the knot sticks out, and dip only the knot into the hypo-cement which I put a dab of on a plastic baggie. Then put your bead or pearl on the end and slip it carefully over the knot. Now I have another question to ask - my sister-in-law saw a 4 tier necklace in a shop and so we went along and had a look at it to see how it was made. It appears the beads have been glued onto the thread. So my question is - how do you get the glue in through the hole of the bead and onto the thread without everything becoming a gluey mess? LOL I daresay 'Tiger Tail' would not be good to use in this instance either because its not soft enough - so what else do people use?