Grams VS Hanks.

Q: Can anyone tell me approximately how many grams of 11/0 seed beads are in a hank? I'm just curious - and price-checking.

A: 'The Shipwreck Beads' catalog (which has some very useful charts and equivalences) gives 24 hanks per kilogram for 11/0, which is about 42 grams per hank. In my experience, hanks vary in size. Metal beads come in smaller hanks. When I was in New York buying beads in hanks, they were not all the same size, so I don't know how you can say that there are so many beads to a hank. Each manufacturer determines how many they will have per hank. If the sizes of Czech hanks vary, I need more to make sure I have enough, based on the conversions. Since the colors vary, I need to make sure I have enough of that particular lot, and since coverage varies depending on whether you're doing peyote stitch, loomwork, or applique (you wouldn't believe how fast you can eat a hank in applique), it's just so hard to know whether 2 hanks, or 3, or 4 will do the job. Oh, and then there's spillage (my couch is a treasure hunter's paradise)... and what if I use 'em all up on this one project, then need a few more for the next thing? Or, what if I need to make a pair of earrings to go with said project?