Help With Patterns.

Q: I wasn't aware that this group didn't support attachments, so I had to figure out a way to place the pictures on the net for you to see them. Here they are: I need help with all three sorts of patterns. Any help or directions to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

A: I just started learning the basic stitches with seed beads after working with other beads for a few years. I received a book yesterday that I'm really enjoying. I'll post the info here, in case you haven't seen the book. Title: "Creative Bead Weaving A Contemporary Guide to Classic Off-Loom Stitches" Author: 'Carol Wilcox Wells' ISBN #: 1-57990-080-1 It has really great illustrations about creating fringe, peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch, and right-angle weave. I ordered mine from 'Amazon'. Here's the link so you can look the book over and read the reviews: 2/102-1200307-5367311 You'll probably have to cut and paste to get the whole link in your browser. Another fun place to read about beads and beading ideas is: If you use a search engine and do a search on "beading tutorials," you'll come up with lots of sites to visit. Since everyone learns differently, it's fun to browse and look for sites that explain things the way you like to learn. The fairy and flowers are peyote stitch, and the turtle is brick stitch (not brick and square). They look like they came from other people's websites, so you might consider taking them down once your questions are answered. The fairy was designed by Lynette, don't remember about the flower, and the sea turtle has been up for awhile, by a woman named Janet (my URL's are at home). There are several tutorials around for peyote, and a few for the kind of brick stitch (hide the thread, or "the other brick stitch," ). The peyote patterns are pretty basic, you could do them in flat or tubular depending on what you're making with them, but I would practice with brick before attempting the turtle. You can check out the Archives at, then look for Projects, then look in 'Stitches' to find good tutorials on both of these.