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'Janet Coles' Beads.

Q: Does anyone know if 'Janet Coles Beads' in the U.K. is still in existence? If so, do they have an address/tel no.?

A: That's not exactly their US version. 'Janet Coles' went bust some years ago - although I know 'Beadbox' people are related to it, something like the sister of the chap who wrote the book on beads with Janet is one of the owners of 'Beadbox'. There is a branch of 'Beadbox' in England, it's on the 'Beadbox' webpage. When 'Beadbox' first started, I got mail from them specifically stating they were the US division of 'Janet Coles', so I wouldn't have to order from the UK anymore. Odd, when I met the people who run it in their store in Arizona earlier this year, they said they weren't. Maybe because 'JC' (the company, not the person) went bankrupt and they had to disassociate themselves.