Looking For Beaders.

Q: I am new here, so I'll begin by apologizing if I do something wrong in my ignorance. I do a lot of beading with seed beads, or delicas, and am looking for others who do this type of Native American art. Does anyone know where I can go to find other beaders to correspond with? Get hints? Give hints?

A: As you are on AOL, your first stop should be to the 'Jewelry Crafts Boards'. Start with 'Channels' then go: 'Interests' - 'Hobbies' - 'Crafts' - 'Crafts Community' - 'Jewelry Crafts Boards'. Be sure to bookmark it when you get there. You will find a list of many jewelry and beading subjects, and there is lively conversation there. Don't forget to check into the "Swaps" board for our monthly bead swap. From 'Crafts Community', you can also reach the 'Jewelry Crafts Library', from which you can download patterns, or look at other's works. There are some "listservs" regarding beading, too - I think you can subscribe to one through 'Wheat Carr's' website (craftwolf.com), but maybe someone else can give you more advise on that. A "listserv" is an E-mail discuss group. You subscribe to it, then messages are delivered with your E-mail each day, either individually or in digest form. "Listservs" are wonderful for getting help, and starting discussions on specific topics. Finally, I am going to e-mail you two source lists - one is 'Seed Bead' sources, the other is 'Native American Craft' sources. If anyone else out there would like a copy of either list, please feel free to E-mail me directly.