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Looking For Beads.

Q: I am a case manager for an adolescent home for females with drug addictions and psychiatric problems. I know from personal experience how odds and ends accumulate, and we have no place to put them. If you have some beads to send us, we would appreciate it as we are looking to set up activities for the youngsters.

A: I would be interested if you can supply some type of proof that this is a legitimate venture. As I'm sure you know, there are many scams out there. Also, does it matter what you get? The "left-overs" are not going to be everyone's best-selling, or most recent items. I have dealt with this organization in the past and they do great deeds for these unfortunate kids. They get their money through private donors, and their craft sales. I applaud what they do. In the past, I have donated several odds and ends, and they are the most pleasant staff you will ever meet. I had to write this since they are hoping to keep their doors opened. I applaud the idea of this venture, and will continue to support groups like this in my own area. It is easier for me to give beads locally, and sometimes that way I get sucked into teaching and helping too. You might try a local bead guild or others locally who are familiar with you and your organization rather than blindly soliticiting the internet. I would bet you would have really good success.