Looking For Foxtail Chain.

Q: I've been trying to find an outlet to purchase "cheap" brass foxtail chain for stringing necklaces made from polymer beads, crystal beads, seed beads, etc. Also, any leads on brass findings for clasps, etc. would also be appreciated.

A: Generally speaking, "foxtail" and "cheap" do not belong in the same sentence. My store ('Metalliferous Inc.' in NYC, 212-944-0909) sells a wide variety of metal supplies, and I would be more than happy to get a brass foxtail chain for you (we don't stock it - 'cuz it's kinda expensive...). If you could get back to me with some details (like size and quantity you need), I can probably get you price info by Tuesday. 'Indian Jewelers Supply' should have foxtail, along with just about anything else you might need for beading. I don't know if foxtail is ever small enough to use with seed beads, though, we use it with large mineral beads and 'SS' beads. 'IJS' has great prices, service, and selection. This is coming strictly from my own experience as a beadworker. Their number is: 1-800-545-6540 - ask about their catalogs, they have several.