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Looking For Klamath Falls, OR Bead Supplier.

Q: Well, it's good to be home after a 60-hr round trip bus ride!!! I did manage to bead most of an amulet bag I was working on, although going through the mountains between Oregon and California was NOT fun and put a few bumps into my beadwork, and I did manage to stab a total stranger who was unlucky to end up sitting next to me when Greyhound over-booked... but she was nice about it and even showed some interest in my beads after that - what a way to get attention, huh?!

A: I only have one Klamath Falls shop listed in my Bead Directory, and their specialty is charms, but give it a shot - 1-800-601-9974 Crafts and Gifts Galore. Other nearby shops are in Grants Pass, Ashland, and Medford. I am from Klamath Falls - not there now. You might be looking for 'Oregon Outfitters' which is the best bead store in town - I have bought from them for years and love the big wall of hanks of beads they have to offer - they have a catolog. Their phone number is 541-833-1369, or as the other lady said, there is 'Craft & Gifts': 541-884-9973 - they are a smaller store downtown, and sell local and commerical craft things, and a few supplies mainly suporting whatever the local project is at the time. I see there is a listing for 'Zba Glass Beads And Supplies' at 541-885-9724 - I don't know this business - it started after I left. One of the pet stores sells some packages of craft beads and craft supplies, much like what you will find at a 'Wal-Mart'. Sounds like your Vegas trip was a success-most of your amulet bag done! Sorry, I can't help with the particluar supplier that you are looking for, but I do stock quite a number of 'Delicas' that I sell in 10gr quantities. I am ordering new colors and adding to the inventory on a weekly basis. I can get you just about ANY color that you need and would be happy to take an order from you. Oh, and I almost forgot, I give a 10% discount on Delica orders over $50.00 and a 15% discount for Delica orders over $100.00. As for prices, I have alot of colors priced as low as $2.50 for 10 gr. If you (or anyone else) are interested, please stop by and visit me at I also carry a fairly large stock of Japanese 11/0s and am starting to carry 14/0s too.