Mags. And Orgs.

Q: I was wondering if anyone could suggest a couple magazines to subscribe to that are about making beaded jewelry. Also, what professional organizations do those of you who sell your beads/jewelry belong to?

A: 'Bead & Button' 'Beadwork' 'Jewelry Craft' These are my favorite magazines. I am also a member of 'The Society of Glass Beadmakers'. If you budget is tight (and none of these guys are cheap), you would be happy with either 'B&B' or Beadwork for seed bead work, plus whichever one of the others suits your needs: 'Lapidary Journal' - mostly stone cutting and setting, but some beads and lampwork. 'Craft's Report' - a how-to for sales and marketing. 'Ornament' - profiles of "gallery" level artisans and their work. I also subscribe to 'In Style' and 'Vogue', to track the trends. Of these 2, I prefer 'In Style', as it tends to feature stuff real people can afford more than 'Vogue', which runs to $5,000 designer shoes, and such.