Mail Order Source Question.

Q: I just got a catalog for a company called 'Beadbox'. They have a nice looking catalog with a lot of kits. There are also a lot of unusual beads in it. I'm cautious, because I seemed to remember seeing postings about this mail order source. What I remember was not positive: lost orders, kits incomplete, etc. Am I misremembering? Does anyone have any experience dealing with 'Beadbox'?

A: I have ordered from them. They are very high priced. I ordered before I knew better, but I had no problem with them: they answered all my questions, and I will order from them every once in a while to keep the catalog coming. I love the catalog, but dislike the service. I once ordered items in early November for Christmas gifts, and didn't receive them until February. I had to call three times to see where my items were. I have ordered from them three times, and have had a similar experience each time. I also find their pricing high. I will probably not use them again. There are better sources out there. The catalog is very attractive. Unfortunately, the service is not. I had trouble with both orders. The first time, I ordered two yards of red leather cord, and received as a substitute two SEPARATE yards of different greens. The second time, they sent me a package of gold 'Bugles' instead of the silver wire I'd ordered - they gave me the choice of returning the 'Bugles' at my cost, or paying for them. It was cheaper to pay for them, so I did that, but I would have expected them to just give me the $.79 package, since it was their mistake. Both times, I had pieces back-ordered for months, and the second time, when I asked to talk to a supervisor after 3 months, she miraculously found the beads in the warehouse. Beautiful catalog... however, their prices are higher than elsewhere. They have some glass that I haven't seen in other catalogs, though. Especially the 'Venetian'. My husband ordered me two 'Venetian' beads, and an earring kit a few years ago for Valentine's Day. The order was received promptly, and there were no problems. I continue to enjoy looking at the catalog, but have not ordered since. One day, I'm going to order the 'Piatines'. Has anybody seen those 'Piatines' anywhere else?