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Matte Glass Beads

Q: I tried posting this earlier, but apparently it never got through. Anyone know of a good supplier of matte glass rondell-shaped beads? Sometimes I prefer matte to glossy.

A: I don't know a source of matte finish rondelle beads, but you can make your own from shiny beads using Dip &Etch. It's sold in many bead shops, also in the Rings & Things catalog (call 1-800-555-1212 for their 800 number - they are in Spokane, Washington). In MA, Crystal Blue Bead Shop in Watertown carries it. It's easy to use , and reasonably safe with care. I remember seeing a solution in Fire Mountain Gems Catalog that will matte the glass if you can't find them. Does anybody know of a source for the etching chemical for glass? I would like to etch a few beads I have to make them matte. I already have lots of seed beads and don't want to spend another fortune on a set of matte beads. Any arts and crafts store that sells glass etching kits will have the chemical. It is a mild acid. What area are you in? I am from Florida and know of a few sources here. Also, you might try Whittemore Durgin. I'd be glad to e-mail you their address or I can look up the item for you in the catalog and e-mail the info to you. Let me know your preference. I have used the acid (Hydroflouric) on glass beads and found that not only was the stuff dangerous to use, but at the same time it is eating the surface, it also is eating the interior hole wall. What you wind up with is a smaller bead with a bigger hole. I have never used the cream mentioned here, but I would suggest that a safer and more satisfactory method to matte finish beads would be to use a rock tumbler and the appropriate slurry. You can check with a local rock shop for supplies and information.