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'Mavis Smith' Two-Hole Bead Bracelet.

Q: I made up a quick bracelet today - it took no time at all, in fact, but it is both big and gaudy (like me!) and rather wonderful on, and I felt like showing it off. It fits a bit tight, almost like a cuff bracelet. I had a watchband in mind when I made it, which is why it looks like a watchband now!!!

A: I haven't used these myself, but I know someone who does, and the ones she uses (from 'Rio Grande', I think) are VERY strong magnets - so much so, that I wasn't sure if they would be any easier to open! I also don't know how easy they are to attach, but the friend is a very beginning beader, and they looked just fine, so I assume it is fairly simple. You should keep magnetic clasps away from credit cards and other magnetic media. People who have internal medical devices (pacemaker, insulin pump), or use transdermal patches (hormones, blood pressure, nicotine) should NEVER use magnetic clasps, because they will make all those medical devices stop working properly. They're not difficult to open when you have the whole bracelet attached. They are surprising to wear, however. :) I've been attached to my silverware in a restaurant, a handrail at work, and various other metal bits I've come in contact with. Nothing scary, just kind of funny to get that little tug. They are very nice for people with limited mobility/arthritis, or who live alone and don't have someone to help them with their bracelet or necklace (Mom loves 'em). I don't know what comes out of my head, actually. Mavis made those beads to be two-strand bracelets, and while she wire-works most of her stuff, she has also done two strands on elastic. There aren't too many choices with a two-hole bead. You can do two strands or four strands but either way they come out looking pretty much the same.