Miracle Beads(JAPANESE Please).

Q: The question is... are they SO expensive everywhere? I've found a couple of places that sell the real ones, but the prices seem sort of high. Does ANYONE have a source for purchasing them in larger quantities for someone who does have a resale license (a wholesaler, distributor, etc.?)

A: I also have seen both the 'Wonder' beads, and the 'Miracle' bead, and agree that the 'Miracle' bead is superior. My local bead store owner told me that her research suggests that the price (even to the dealer) is more or less the same... high. She also said that when she ordered, she had to commit a lot of funds to the order ... more than she usually does on new, untried to her market, products. Have you checked with 'Fire Mountain Gems' in Oregon? You can reach them at: 1-800-423-2319 Nice people to do business with. I understand that 'Caravan Beads' sells them in larger quantities. It's either - or it's .