Mirrix Looms.

Q: They are great. I own two: the 16 inch, and the 32 inch. I also own the stand and treadle (okay, I just had a birthday and 'DH' indulged me with the stand and treadle). I use both looms for tapestry weaving. The 16 inch loom travels around the house with me AND on trips. The 32 inch loom is on the stand with the treadle attached (although I have used the treadle on the 16 inch loom, because you don't need the stand to use the treadle and I wanted to see if it really works that way - it does). It's very much like having a floor loom, but one that I can shove underneath the bed if I don't want to use it.

A: I own a 16 inch 'Mirrix' loom. I have used it for both tapestry and bead weaving and I've even tried it for wire weaving. It works great for all three, though I am really addicted to tapestry. What I love about the loom is how sturdy and beautiful it is. It just works so well. I guess I would recommend the 16 oom if you are thinking of using it for both tapestry and bead weaving. Eventually, you might want to also buy one of their larger looms, but starting small is probably the best idea. They shipped me my loom right away, which was great. Since it's that season again, I don't know what their delivery time is right now, but they do have an 800 number, which is listed on their website. Have you read the FAQ page? It answers a lot of questions, and I suppose you can E-mail them (or call them) if you have any more. The lady who designed the loom answers the phone!