Need A Source.

Q: I design and create rosaries and chaplets myself. It can be an unbelievable meditation and form! You've got several choices in ways to approach it. Have you made any before? I collect Catholic antiquities. I can create my own centers and crucifix from molds of these vintage pieces. One could also "repair" a piece by utilizing the original work.

A: Yes, I've made several rosaries recently, but am still new enough at it to need help now & then. (-: I've used 'Swarovski' crystal, plain glass beads, and wonderful bone and 'Sandalwood' beads, and will soon start a red heart rosary. After that, I will try some Czech glass in black. Thankfully there are plenty of beads from which to choose! I too enjoy the time when I'm winding or stringing rosaries. Wonderful time for peaceful contemplation! You are so right about the wonderful examples on the net, and so diverse! Many are distinctive, as well as gorgeous! A tour now and then can be quite a good learning experience! I did a search on recently just for "beads" and found a fabulous rosary site. As it is not a passion of mine, I did not mark it, but you might go in search of such sites through a search engine. I would like to make a rosary for a friend. It must be a very small one. I could not find a very small one to buy, so I thought about putting one together. Then, I began thinking of the whole logistics of the thing. There was a great article in 'Bead & Button' magazine a couple of months back on making beads out of rose petals. Several people make rosaries out of them.