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Need Help With Computers And Beading.

Q: I am not a beader, but my mother is. I am in the process of helping her pick out a computer to aid in her projects. I would appreciate feedback on the following: 1. Is there any advantage to using either an 'iMac' or 'PC' for this work? 2. Is there any software available that works well for making pictures of designs (the preliminary design that shows each bead and its color and placement-scalable)? Does she need anything fancier than a standard "paint" program included with 'Mac' or 'PC'?

A: 'Emily's Mining Co.' site has a good comparison of the Software for beaders available. Http:// I would suggest a good program that can manipulate the graphics and convert bmp to jpeg for example. If she's starting from scratch and won't use the computer for things other than beading and everyday household tasks, get the 'iMac', and buy 'Beadscape': 'Beadscape' is absolutely the best bead graphing software, period. If you decide on a 'PC', get 'BeadPlan':, which I believe is the best of the 'PC' bead-graphing programs.