Q: I have some questions for all you knowledger bearers out there. 1. I am left handed, and I have a terrible time reading patterns from books and magazines. I tried holding a mirror, but it is still awfully hard to follow, any suggestions? 2. I have a few places that I mail-order for seed beads (Japanese). I am very satisified, but I am having a hard time getting all the colors I want. It is almost impossible to get seed beads that coordinate with bugle beads. I have tried a great many places, but their quality and/or colors are not great, so I keep going back to the tried and true.

A: Instead of holding up to a mirror, which is not easy to see, get the pages photocopied onto acetate, and then look at the diagrams from the other side of the acetate. They'll seem reversed. ___ <*,*> {'-'} The Crafty Owl. -"-"- I can't address all your questions, but as a fellow "south-paw", maybe I can help. I have not personally had a hard time transposing into lefthandedness from written instructions, but it might be easier for you to take a class. Sit across from the teacher and mirror her. I have taught "right handers" for years, and that has worked well for them. "Lefties" sit on either side of me and "Righties", across from me. I use the 'Neatniks' boxes. They're fairly inexpensive, semi-transparent, so I can see what's in which, and they don't crush in luggage: