New Donut Pendants.

Q: I have some of them up at 'Amazon' on the Z-shops as pins, but will make them into pendants if they don't sell. I LOVE them. Some think they are strange, LOL. Marilee doesn't like the proportion problems of the cows being smaller than the flowers (perhaps I will re-name those science fiction donuts. Then Marilee will like them better, and others will take a fresh look! LMAO).

A: I have had great success there. It seems the pricier the item, the better it sells. I don't sell as many lower-priced things there. Now, some of my jewelry can get REALLY strange looking - it is kind of "out there" and so people either love it, or hate it. Do you find that you start out with an idea and your piece decides to do "it's own thing"? It kind of takes off on it's own, then you look at your graph or sketch and say "What happened?"... Scary. I don't know about Becki, but I sure have had this happen. I finish a piece and say: "That was not what I was planning on doing at all - but that's what it wanted to be!" I've been thinking of giving it a try. I do put up auctions on there, but was a little confused about the difference between an auction and a 'Zshop' sale.... it doesn't look like there IS much of a difference... is there? I put up one valentine's (red cast glass) pendant today for the "experience". Why scary? I find that some of my best ideas happen that way. I think it's my subconscious talking to my hands instead of my front brain! If you just go with the flow, you can come up with some really neat stuff. If I have something I really want do do a certain way and my hands start doing something else, I'll go with it and then go back to the first project later. It seems that once I've got that new idea down in beads, my hands cooperate much better on the first one. I can't imagine Becki starts with a graph or sketch. ;) I always visualize her sitting on her floor surrounded with bead stuff and leaning over, grabbing something, and saying "Oh! That would look great here!" and repeat.