Oh, Oh, Oh, Somebody Please Look!

Q: I just finished this piece and had to share with somebody!!! It turned out way better than I had expected. I thought that maybe when it was worn, that you would lose some of the design, but it looks great too!! I'm so jazzed.

A: I could see the lion face quite nicely, but I couldn't see the joker, but it was an incredible piece of beading. Is it black and transparent? Red? Mandy I used a black flat cord for the necklace part. The other beads I used were black of course, silver lined rose, silver lined red, and silver lined amber. To see the joker, the cheek bones of the lion, are the eyes of the joker!! No offense meant... just my bizarre sense of humor, but your going to get tired of hearing the praise. Either that, or someone's going to have to get you to the hospital to get the swelling down in your ego. No, really no offense meant. :) I saw "the lion" and "the joker". If you can't see "the joker", move the 'eBay' sight so that the picture of the lion is covered just under the pupil's. Great looking joker. I see "the dragon" and "the joker", and both look great. I have two comments, and both are meant by way of compliment.....how can you start something so labor intensive at so low a bid?....it is way more valuable! Did you use a base metal clasp? I can't tell but I certainly feel that with a sterling clasp that is true gallery-quality work.