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Old World Beads.

Q: 'Fire Mountain Gems' used to carry a line of beads that, I think, they called "Old World Beads". They were kind of ethnic-looking, came in lots of matte colors plus antique gold and silver. They no longer carry these and I am having a hard time finding them. I need some, in antique silver, that are fairly large, with holes large enough to accommodate a leather thong.

A: I am not sure what 'Fire Mountain' was stocking, but it sounds like India Silver (pot silver) beads would work for you. 'The Bead Bugle' sells them on their site by the 1/2 pound and pound, I believe, for a very good value, and most of the bigger bead sites on the internet also stock them. You were looking for 'Old World' beads in matte and metalized antiqued colors. Sounds a lot like our product sold under that name, unless the trade name "Old World" has been also used by other suppliers! The beads are made in matte ivory, light and dark turquoise, a terra cotta color, and 24K gold wash and silver wash. All have holes large enough for a leather thong or heavier cord, although there are coordinating products available in small-hole beads and spacers.